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DELMIA V6: Supply Chain Planners

Directing the availability and allocation of materials and supplies.

Global Production System Planning: Define Supply Chain Networks and Logistics Relations with V6 Planning

DELMIA Global Production System Planning (SPG) is a breakthrough solution that provides a single data repository for all activities, from strategic planning to operational planning, in the enterprise's physical supply chain network.  Supply Chain Planners can optimize the performance of their global production system, ensure planning integrity from the supply chain network to individual machines on the shop floor, and increase manufacturing decision support accuracy at all levels of the enterprise.

SPG allows for the integration of isolated plants into a coordinated network. Having a single corporate repository promotes the institutionalizing and digitizing of all manufacturing capabilities across the physical supply chain.  Users can look at what-if scenarios for dealing with new orders, new products, or supply chain disruptions. Coupled with this ability to evaluate alternatives, SPG provides a significant breakthrough in manufacturing decision support accuracy.