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DELMIA V6: Shop Floor Workers

Integrating real-time production data into the manufacturing process.

Digital Numerical Control Connector: Download the Right Machine Program the First Time

DELMIA Digital Numerical Control Connector (DCC) combines work instructions with machine programs to improve efficiency, eliminate potential damage, and streamline machine program downloads. DELMIA DCC puts machine programs together with the work instructions, data collection, buyoffs, documents, and tools that relate to a specific task. The result minimizes the possibility that wrong machine programs will be used, and increases confidence that shop floor workers have all the information they need in one place.

Operations Execution: Significantly Improve Production Quality and Efficiency

DELMIA Operations Execution (OEX), developed for mission-critical advanced manufacturing, puts users in control of the process with real-time visibility of the shop floor and complete procedural control. DELMIA OEX module enforces operational procedures, ensuring that tasks are always performed in the correct order. It makes it easy for shop floor workers to quickly comprehend a task, collect required data, and go back to work.

Shop Floor Portal: Efficiently Understand Work Instructions on the Shop Floor

DELMIA Shop Floor Portal (SFP) provides an easy, intuitive and effective way of understanding work instructions on the shop floor. DELMIA SFP is a cost-effective, web-based work instruction delivery mechanism for 0-3D process plans. It can store hundreds of thousands of published plans and grant access to thousands of concurrent users.

Velocity Integrator: Communicate 3D Process Planning Information to the Shop Floor

DELMIA Velocity Integrator (VCI) publishes DELMIA Process Planning to the shop floor in the form of shop orders for Process Execution or read-only process plans for the Shop Floor Portal. In combination with DELMIA Work Instructions Player, DELMIA VCI integrates product, process, and resource data and makes it accessible to traditional workstations, portables, and other web-based devices. 

Work Instructions Player Visual: Deliver 3D Work Instructions to the Shop Floor

DELMIA Work Instructions Player Visual (WPV) displays 3D work instructions within the DELMIA Operations Execution (OEX) module. Operators see 3D views of the parts and resources needed to complete a shop order. They quickly comprehend visuals of complex and highly configured operations and complete them more quickly.

DELMIA Work Instructions Player Interactive (WPI) extends the value of DELMIA Work Instruction Player Visual by providing users with the ability to interact with the 3D instructions by providing the ability to highlight parts, tools, and required data collection.

Both add-on solutions synchronize 3D work instruction views with the currently selected DELMIA Operations Execution operation.