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DELMIA V6: Robotics Programmers

Performing reachability studies, interlock analysis and offline robot teaching to deliver optimized robotics programs to the shop floor.

Robotics Arc Welding: Computer Aided Generation of Robotic Arc Welding Programs

DELMIA Robotics Arc Welding (ARW) automatically generates a robot arc welding tool path based on the geometric design of the seam to be welded. DELMIA's ARW solutions lets users define, validate, and optimise robotic arc welding programs and setups prior to delivery to the shop floor. This capability simultaneously improves quality, reduces costs, and maximizes resource utilisation by keeping production equipment engaged in value-added activities.

Robotics Offline Programming: Import and Export V6 Production Robot Programs

DELMIA Robotics Offline Programming (ROP) extends the V6 robotics offering by enabling the import and export of production robot programs.  For robotic applications that require the highest degree of accuracy in their robot trajectories, ROP provides advanced work cell calibration capabilities that improve the accuracy of the translated program.  Advanced robotics applications, such as the use of work piece positioner axis and fixed tool centre point devices, are supported in this comprehensive robotic offline programming solution.

Robotics Spot Welding: Generate and Manage Robot Spot Welding Programs

DELMIA Robotics Spot Welding (RSW) is a comprehensive V6 automotive body-in-white robotics programming solution that generates and manages robot spot welding programs.  Advanced capabilities for robot path planning, weld gun selection, and analysis help programmers react quickly to new or changing product designs. When design changes impact the location or orientation of the spot weld, RSW automatically adjusts the robot’s trajectories.

Robot Task Definition: Program, Simulate, and Validate Industrial Robot Behaviour

DELMIA Robot Task Definition (RTD) provides a V6 3D environment where users can create, program, simulate and validate an entire robot work cell for any manufacturing industry. Programmers can position resources, program individual robots, debug motion trajectories, and establish input/output (I/O) connections between robot controllers and other devices—all using RTD’s intuitive user interface. RTD includes an extensive library of robots and controllers for all major industrial robot manufacturers to support layout and programming.

Robotics Virtual Commissioning: Simulate and Validate Industrial Robot Behaviour Using Native Robot Controller Software

DELMIA Robotics Virtual Commissioning (RVC) allows virtual 3D simulation and validation of native language robot programs using the robot vendor’s Virtual Robot Controller (VRC) software, which implements the Realistic Robot Simulation II (RRS-II) interface standard. The virtual robot’s cycle time and trajectory can be simulated with nearly 100 percent accuracy compared to the physical robot. Users can also program and simulate a robot using a virtual teach pendant (when provided by the robot manufacturer) that mimics the teach pendant used on the physical robot.