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DELMIA V6: Resource Engineers

Defining and optimising manufacturing assets concurrently with manufacturing planning.

Device Task Definition: Program, Simulate and Validate Mechanical Device Behaviour

DELMIA Device Task Definition (DTD) enables programming and simulating forward kinematic mechanical devices from simple clamps to complex lift-assist mechanisms. Users can manage multiple devices, integrate them within the V6 3D work cell layout, and perform feasibility studies.   Each device is individually programmed with tasks that are sequenced and simulated to eliminate any interference and obtain optimal cycle times.  Device and device behaviour can be instantiated multiple times within a single work cell and across the entire factory.

Mechanical Device Builder: Define Mechanical Devices for Use in 3D Process Planning and Validation

DELMIA Mechanical Device Builder (MDB) enables users to create virtual mechanical devices for downstream planning and simulation. Resource designers can leverage MDB’s intuitive user interface to define all the types of mechanical devices used in a manufacturing setting, from simple clamps to complex robots and lift-assist equipment. Once a device model is validated, it can be saved to a resource catalogue. Planners, programmers, and simulation engineers can use it to define, optimize, and validate manufacturing plans.

Resource Layout: Define and Simulate Manufacturing Systems

DELMIA Resource Layout (RLT) gives manufacturing planners advanced, efficient tools for factory resource layout.  They can leverage 2D factory drawings, if they’re available. RLT includes a catalogue of parametric resources such as conveyers, shelving, tables, and containers that can be snapped to 2D drawings to quickly realize the 3D layout. Advanced positioning makes it very easy to move, snap, and align these resources.