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DELMIA V6: Quality Engineers

Analysing results of the as-planned quality checks and deciding corrective measures.

Emergent Process Management: Quickly Define Workflows for Unplanned or Emergent Events

DELMIA Emergent Process Management (EPG) automatically presents lean, streamlined process options when unexpected events arise, speeding and simplifying resolution and saving both operational costs and cycle time. EGP gives manufacturing companies a way to collaborate with suppliers about unplanned events. 

Performance Tracker: Shorter Product Cycles - Better Quality - Optimised Yields

DELMIA Performance Tracker (PFT) compares production process metrics with best operational practices, alerting to drifts or inconsistencies in quality levels, first-pass yield, cycle time, and other manufacturing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Working with the PFT dashboard, managers and quality analysts can generate reports that align process metrics with best practices. They can make shop floor operators far more efficient, reduce time lost because of wrong decisions, optimize production yields, and continuously raise quality levels.

Process Rules Discovery: - Discover Solutions from Key Factors in Your Data

DELMIA Process Rules Discovery (RDY) is a unique intelligence tool for manufacturing and research: it uses historical data to find simple solutions to complex questions. DELMIA RDY can be used as a production tool to improve yield and reduce rework by extracting best practices and risk situations from historical data.  As a research tool, it can be used to improve design, analyse customer preferences, and predict maintenance needs.