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DELMIA V6: Manufacturing Planners

Creating and optimising build-to-order and lean production manufacturing systems.

Custom Time Analysis: Define Customised Data Cards for Time Analysis

Over time, many companies have developed detailed data for time studies based on their proprietary methods for assembly tasks.  DELMIA Custom Time Analysis (CTA) gives these companies a way to define custom time-analysis data cards based on this data for use in their V6 time analysis studies.  This data can then be used to create custom codes and time values that will be utilized when performing time analysis studies with DELMIA Process Planning (PPG).

Fastener Process Planning: Fastener Planning for All Industries

DELMIA Fastener Planning (BPP) provides a virtual 3DEXPERIENCE of the shop floor resources and layout.  Planners can plan, optimize, and validate the assembly and fastening process in a virtual model of the physical manufacturing setting in which the plan will be executed.

Manufactured Product Planning: Define the Manufacturing Bill of Materials

DELMIA Manufactured Product Planning (MPP) delivers cross-industry planning capabilities for all manufacturing stakeholders who need to modify a product’s engineering definition in order to deliver an MBOM definition to downstream manufacturing planning and detailing stakeholders.  This includes the definition of manufacturing assemblies and product transformations. MPP gives all manufacturing planning players a Zero-D to 3D virtual environment where they can efficiently define the MBOM from the engineering definition. 

Marine & Offshore Manufacturing Planning: New Manufacturing Planning Capabilities for the Marine and Offshore Industry

DELMIA Marine and Offshore Manufacturing Planning (MOG) provides the foundation for all V6 ship building manufacturing solutions and delivers to process planners a dedicated environment to perform part-planning and large manufacturing assembly’s definition. MOG easily handles several thousand part EBOMS and allows users to select an unassigned part and assign it to an assembly. 

Process Planning: Process Planning for All Industries

DELMIA Process Planning (PRP) delivers essential process planning capabilities within the V6 virtual 3D environment for all manufacturing industries.  Using PRP, process planners can efficiently create and validate the initial process plan using the product structure from product engineering, modify the plan to specific requirements, and link product and resources to the steps of the plan. 

Production System Simulation: Define and Simulate Manufacturing Systems

DELMIA Production System Simulation (PSS) lets users perform dynamic evaluation and improvement of manufacturing systems and material flow. It models and simulates the system over multiple cycles—to help make decisions under uncertain conditions. Using the established process plan, users can define the manufacturing system, which consists of areas for processing, storing, and transferring parts. 

Work Instruction Planning: Detail and Document Processes

DELMIA Work Instructions Planning (WKI) provides powerful, easy-to-use feature details and documents any process from simple assembly prototyping to complex manufacturing or maintenance processes.  Textual instructions can easily be created to describe the job to be done and how to do it. These text-based work instructions can be complemented by other electronic documents and images.  Best practices for process execution instructions can be captured and stored in a catalogue for use by other authors.  WKI is used in conjunction with DELMIA Process Planning, which alerts the author to changes in the process plan.