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DELMIA V6: Manufacturing Managers

Managing the manufacturing process with a goal toward optimised global production operations efficiency.

Live Process Review: View Product, Process and Resource Data

DELMIA Live Process Review (LSF) lets both product and manufacturing engineers review process plans authored in V5 or V6.  They can easily examine product, process, and resource (PPR) data as they conduct collaborative reviews. 

Order Planning: Manage Process Execution Plans for Maximum Efficiency

DELMIA Order Planning (OPG) quickly assembles all necessary data into planning templates or documentation for execution in a paperless environment. Numerous tools support process flow business rules and system resources.  Process planners work with a user-friendly interface to make sure that plans are properly designed for end users.

Process Resource Editor: Manufacturing Process and Resource Project Administration for Managers

DELMIA Process & Resource Editor (PRE) gives project managers and project assistants an easy-to-use tool for creating and managing the product, process, and resource (PPR) structure for a project or a program.  Guided by an intuitive user interface, users can establish the PPR structure and make connections among the process, the resource, manufacturing systems, and products and attach supporting documents. Downstream stakeholders can use this structure for process planning and detailing.  Project managers and other stakeholders all over the enterprise can use PRE throughout the planning cycle to monitor the progress of the project.

Process Review: Web-based Access to Manufacturing Data for Non-engineering Users

DELMIA Process Review (CPV) enables non-engineering users to navigate, search and filter manufacturing process plans and supporting documents using their web browsers. CPV provides the secure, web-based interface that is common for all V6 web-based tools.  Users can navigate and search detailed process plans quickly and easily to better understand process information and to locate associated process properties and supporting documents.