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DELMIA V6: Assembly Simulation Engineers

Creating operations to build the as-planned product and analysing resource requirements.

Assembly Process Information: Assembly Feasibility Studies through 3D Simulation

DELMIA Assembly Process Simulation enables users to perform product assembly feasibility studies.  The powerful and intuitive capabilities of APS are used to discover potential assembly issues and communicate these discoveries directly to product designers or other stakeholders—and do it early, when changes are easier and less expensive.

APS provides a virtual 3D environment that includes shop floor resources and layout.  Planners can create, optimize, and validate the assembly process in the context of its manufacturing setting.

Live Assembly: 
Interactive 3D Assembly Feasibility Studies for Product Designers

DELMIA Live Assembly (LAS) gives product designers a simple-to-use programming and simulation interface that lets non-expert simulation users conduct assembly feasibility analysis. Designers can experience the manufacturing assembly structure to create, simulate, and re-order assembly trajectories during their analysis in the intuitive Version 6 3D environment.