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DELMIA V6 Portfolio

DELMIA V6's Digital Manufacturing and Production Products have been developed in collaboration with leading global manufacturers to drive production performance and innovation throughout the supply chain.

DELMIA V6 Assembly Simulation          

Assembly Simulation Engineers
Creating operations to build the as-planned product and analysing resource requirements.

  • Assembly Process Simulation
  • Live Assembly
DELMIA V6 Ergonomics Specialist     

Ergonomics Specialists
Assessing the working conditions, ensuring compliance and verifying assembly across multiple platforms.

  • Ergonomics Analysis
  • Ergonomics Evaluation
  • Ergonomics Task Definition
  • Ergonomics for Vehicle Design
DELMIA V6 Manufacturing Manager     

Manufacturing Managers
Managing the manufacturing process with a goal toward optimized global production operations efficiency.

  • Live Process Review
  • Order Planning
  • Process & Resource Editor
  • Process Review
DELMIA V6 Manufacturing Planner     

Manufacturing Planners
Creating and optimizing build-to-order and lean production manufacturing systems.

  • Custom Time Analysis
  • Fastener Process Planning
  • Manufactured Product Planning
  • Marine & Offshore Manufacturing Planning
  • Process Planning
  • Production System Simulation
  • Work Instruction Planning
DELMIA V6 NC Programmer     

NC Programmers
Defining the behaviour of programmable CNC machines.

  • Extended Milling Machining
  • Milling Machining
  • NC Machine Builder
  • NC Machining Simulation
  • Prismatic Machining
  • Turning Machining
DELMIA V6 Quality Engineers     

Quality Engineers
Analysing results of the as-planned quality checks and deciding corrective measures.

  • Emergent Process Management
  • Performance Tracker
  • Process Rules Discovery
DELMIA V6 Resource Engineers     

Resource Engineers
Defining and optimising manufacturing assets concurrently with manufacturing planning.

  • Device Task Definition
  • Mechanical Device Builder
  • Resource Layout
DELMIA V6 Robotics Programmers     

Robotics Programmers

Performing reachability studies, interlock analysis and offline robot teaching to deliver optimised robotics programs to the shop floor.

  • Robotics Arc Welding
  • Robotics Offline Programming
  • Robotics Spot Welding
  • Robot Task Definition
  • Robotics Virtual Commissioning
DELMIA V6 Shop Floor Worker     

Shop Floor Workers
Integrating real-time production data into the manufacturing process.

  • Digital Numerical Control Connector
  • Operations Execution
  • Shop Floor Portal
  • Velocity Integrator
  • Work Instructions Player Visual
DELMIA V6 Supply Chain Planners     

Supply Chain Planners
Directing the availability and allocation of materials and supplies.

  • Global Production System Planning