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Key Benefits

Users of DELMIA V6R2013x benefit from a collaborative innovation and production 3DEXPERIENCE for all actors in the manufacturing lifecycle such as virtual process and system definition, workcell set-up, optimisation, scheduling and operation, to maintenance of real-time production systems. Below are the key highlights of the Version 6 Release 2013x release.

New Products

DELMIA Marine and Offshore Manufacturing Planning (MOG) provides the foundation for all V6 Ship Building manufacturing solutions. Process planners have a dedicated environment to perform part-planning and large manufacturing assembly definition. With a unified data model, and a single workbench MOG enables all manufacturing planning disciplines to collaborate. MOG is also the common foundation for detailed planning products dedicated to Structures, HVAC, Piping and Electrical.

DELMIA Ergonomics for Vehicle Design (EVD) Allows designers to effectively predict occupant posture with virtual 3D mannequins. Using 3D mannequins in the V6 virtual environment, designers can evaluate how humans interact with seats, spaces, and controls in a vehicle under design. The experience makes it possible to predict posture and reach-ability for specific populations selected from a database. EVD can reveal posture and comfort issues at the most cost-effective time – when the design process is just getting under way and live occupants can’t be used.

Product Enhancements

DELMIA Robotics Offline Programming (ROP) Provides Robot Programmers the ability to quickly generate production robot programs using the new Native Robot Language (NRL) Teach experience. NRL Teach allows users to develop robot programs directly in V6 using the controller’s native programming language without learning and translating a generic simulation language.

DELMIA Process Planning (PRP) With the incorporation of automatic line balancing, Transportation & Mobility Process planners have a rich array of functionality to balance processes for automotive assembly lines. DELMIA Automatic Line Balancing offers data in a visually intuitive, graphically intensive, easy-to-use manner. The planner is able to highlight automatic balancing based on process graphs and other restrictions, in addition to viewing material planning, and manual rebalancing processes.