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DELMIA V6 delivers a new experience in Manufacturing Lifecycle Management (MLM) that brings all Intellectual Property (IP) in the corporate community into one system allowing all actors from multidisciplinary engineering groups to enterprise business users to make correct and timely decisions by accessing up-to-date manufacturing lifecycle information.

Users of DELMIA V6 benefit from a collaborative innovation and production 3DEXPERIENCE for all actors in the manufacturing lifecycle such as virtual process and system definition, work cell set-up, optimisation, scheduling, and operation, to maintenance of real-time production systems.

DELMIA V6 allows manufacturers in any industry to virtually experience their entire factory production from the impact of design to determining how to meet global demand, allowing manufacturers to address and shift processes to quickly respond to the competition and take advantage of market opportunities.

The DELMIA V6 Portfolio includes:

  • Assembly Simulation Engineers
  • Ergonomics Specialists
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Manufacturing Planners
  • NC Programmers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Resource Engineers
  • Robotics Programmers
  • Shop Floor Workers
  • Supply Chain Managers

Discover the DELMIA V6 Portfolio