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DELMIA PLM Express Solutions

Discover DELMIA PLM Express four role-based domains:

DELMIA PLM Express Resource Planner    Resource Planning
Learn how to model in 3D and validate production work cell setup. You'll save time and money by eliminating production stoppages for set-up validation on the shop floor and by eliminating rework costs.
DELMIA PLM Express Robotics    Robotics
Simulate robotic work cells and off-line programming that includes dedicated functionality for arc and spot welding applications. By validating all robotic movements and programming in the virtual world, you can save time and money while avoiding production stoppages with plant floor equipment.
DELMIA PLM Express Ergonomics    Ergonomics
Build kinematic human models, simulate processes and optimize the human work space. You'll be able to perform risk factor analysis allowing you to maximize human comfort, improve worker efficiency and lower health-related costs.
DELMIA PLM Express Assembly Planning    Assembly Planning
Get comprehensive assembly process tools to simulate parts and assemblies to validate the manufacturing process. By planning earlier in the design stages with re-usable data, you'll save valuable ramp-up time and avoid costly delays in production.