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CAVA Tools

CAVA Tools is a collection CAVA functions just available in the CAVA All bundle but in none of the single products. 

Transcat Software offers CAVA Tools to make CAVA technology available to none-automotive customers and to offer more functionalities too those customers using just specific CAVA products. 

Currently available in CAVA Tools:

  • CAVA Silhouette

CAVA Silhouette - 2D Projection of Geometry Outlines

The Silhouette function is offering the possibility to project the silhouette of any selected geometry to a target plane. Thus, helping to create homologation drawings and the frontal area of the car for a drag coefficient calculation.

The Silhouette function is also suitable for applications beyond car design – coming in handy whenever generating a projection of multiple geometry or CGR elements becomes necessary.

CAVA Tools Highlights:

  • Easy projection of the front area
  • Can also be used for other objects (e.g. front printing forms)
  • No CAVA data collection necessary
  • Supports CATIA CGR and geometric data
  • Oriented towards CATIA geometry