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CATIA - ICEM Surf to CATIA Interface 2

CATIA - ICEM Surf to CATIA Interface 2 (ICC) enables Import / Export of ICEMDB files into CATIA.

Product Overview
CATIA - ICEM Surf to CATIA Interface 2 (ICC) is a new product that allows to Import / Export ICEMDB files into CATIA. ICEMBD (*.icem) are native ICEM Surf data Models. The product supports Data exchange between ICEM Surf and CATIA within commonly used CATIA based Engineering solutions.

Product Highlights

  • Read / Write native ICEM Surf native data files (*.icem) within CATIA 
  • Supports Batch CATUtil for multiple file configurations 
  • Support CATProduct integration / referencing of ICEM data files 

Product Key Customer

  • Benefits Possibility to read/write native ICEM Surf data files within CATIA without need for CATIA Icem Shape Design license (ICM) 
  • Supports data exchange possibilities within non Class A engineering domains. i.e. BiW, 
  • Add-on product to any V5 P2 configurations/ V6 Commercial solutions at minimal additional cost.