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Why is CATIA an industry leader?

CATIA V5 & V6 is recognised as the world’s leading design product suite.  This standing is founded on two key principals; working with industry and ongoing investment in innovation.  

Dassault Systèmes' developers continually listen to both small and large organisations.  Development driven by such consultation has a range of benefits. The larger OEMs (such as Boeing and Honda) typically demand stability, performance and consistency, which of course benefits the wider CATIA community.  Smaller companies tend to propose and adopt new innovations more quickly, driving the product forward.

CATIA has its roots in Automotive and Aerospace engineering, industry sectors recognized as standard bearers for virtual product development.  In recent years, as technology has become more widespread and affordable, CATIA has rapidly evolved to cater to a more diverse market place.  A combination of product and process development, engaging with industry players and the flexibility of the CATIA platform itself have made it very attractive to businesses across a wide range of industries.  Well known companies that use CATIA as their core engineering platform include Airbus, BMW, Ford, McLaren Racing, Nokia, Nikon and Sanyo. Notable by-products of this market presence are the ready availability of skilled CATIA personnel in the market-place and an ever expanding range of other products that are CATIA compatible.

To put CATIA V5 in context, the original CATIA product was developed in the late 1970s by Dassault Aviation, a French aircraft company.  CATIA V4 (released in 1993 on UNIX), represented the first widespread application of the product and is still in use today.  CATIA V5 was released in 1999, an all-new product written for both Windows and UNIX and recognised today as the industry leader.

As an indication of the long-term strategy in place for the CATIA brand, Dassault Systèmes have already released the successor to CATIA V5, the imaginatively named ‘CATIA V6’.  In common with other CATIA migrations over the last 30 years, the transition path from V5 to V6 has been carefully structured to protect existing investment and minimise any impact on productivity.