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CATIA Icem Solutions

CATIA Industrial Design - The ideal workflow solution for industrial design

It empowers you to import your 2D sketch and to explore ideas by sketching in 3D with CATIA Natural Sketch. Sculpt in 3D with ultra-fast vitrual clay modeling thanks to subdivision surfaces technology. Create precise shapes with NURBS Surface modeling and Direct Solid Modeling. Compose your product with automated assembly features. Visualize your product and work on colors & trims with high-end real-time visualization, and photo-realistic rendering with mental ray. Standard exports are managed through STEP and IGES formats and STL files for rapid prototyping.

“Enticing, inspirational and intuitive! the strokes look like real pencil on paper and its great fun to sketch. But it's a parametric 3d sketch for creating precise geometry - how cool is that!" Jens PAULUS, Jens Paulus Design

CATIA Industrial Design Refinement - Advanced solution to create and visualize style shapes

Providing all the advanced freeform NURBS surfacing tools, from early concept modeling to industrialized surfacing ready for production. CATIA Industrial Design Refinement also provides designers with developed shape features to unwrap & wrap surfaces. CATIA Industrial Design refinement offer also CATIA Live Rendering for interactive ray-tracing and global illumination to produce physical correct imagery or to run interactive design reviews.

"Discovering the new CATIA for Creative Designers solution was very fascinating as it enables me to literally draw in 3D… It offers a direct translation of the idea I have in mind into the 3D world and takes care of all the uncomfortable parts of the process…" - Pauline Deltour, Product Designer.
CATIA Icem for Industrial Designers - Reach perfection in surface quality

CATIA Icem Shape Design provides the most advanced mathematic and comprehensive suite of tools to reach the highest quality of surface. It allows to create, edit and analyze any complex, aesthetical and ergonomic shapes to the highest Class-A surface quality. Starting from basic inputs such as design sketches or point-clouds from physical prototypes, you can bring your design to Class-A surface quality and ready for manufacturing.
Take the full benefits of CATIA

With CATIA for Creative Designers integrated within CATIA you can take benefits of all the tools of CATIA. Depending on your customers or Product Design Challenges you can choose from the rich CATIA product Portfolio a variety of innovative technologies for industrial design. Check the CATIA V6 product Portfolio to discover additional interesting products, like Reverse Engineering, Global deformations, Knowledgeware,  Industrial Design, Kynematics, Simulation, milling, etc…

"With CATIA for Creative Designers, we want to offer our customers an innovative solution to boost their design innovation, by providing a dedicated creative solution integrated in CATIA. It gives a major competitive advantage to our customers, to develop creativity and decision, to accelerate the time to market and to keep the design intent from the original idea to the manufactured product." Xavier Melkonian, Director, CATIA Design, Dassault Systèmes.