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CATIA Engineering Excellence: Request for Information

Take advantage of 2 new CATIA V5 PLM Express Bundles, available now at a very attractive price.

The new CATIA Engineering Excellence bundles offer a powerful set of applications that cover an End to End process for Mechanical Shape & Design. These predefined bundles are ideal for companies already using the CATIA V5 Classic package, as well as new customers, and are available immediately.

Discover the benefits:

  Formalise and reuse your company know how to improve your design:
  • Take into account manufacturability constraints from early design stage
  • Work on large assemblies with flexibility
  • High quality rendering for all mechanical parts
  Access the right & complete information directly in 3D:
  • Define 100% of the product definition with one single source
  • Create directly full 3D definition including dimensions & tolerances on the 3D geometry
  Reuse and improve existing components from previous project:
  • Capitalise on your assets, capture modelling methodologies and reuse associative templates
  • Speed-up assembly design by reusing smart & adaptive tooling components
  Enrich your design with sophisticated and complex shapes:
  • Creation, Validation and Modification of any type of wireframe and surfaces
  • Optimisation thanks to comparison
  • Easy and fast design of high-end aesthetical styled shapes
  Validate your design to reduce the need of physical prototypes:
  • Assess parts under real conditions inside the virtual product
  Collaborate and manage your data with your team and others:
  • Connect all the project stakeholders in one single source of truth

Register your interest and a member of the team will be in touch.