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CATIA - Preparation Prismatic Machinist Configuration

Configuration Overview
CATIA - Preparation Prismatic Machinist 2 Configuration (RP2) integrates the powerful standard 3D and 2D mechanical design tools with generative 2.5-axis machining tools. It is targeted at tooling and Jigs & Fixtures maker companies who need to make design modifications or create additional geometries, features or even drawings before machining the created products. 

Whatever the original design of these products, the RP2 user can rapidly create knowledge based NC Manufacturing programs thanks to the machining feature recognition tools. This allows for instance to automate the drilling operation creation with an unequalled quickness. The easy implementation and propagation of design modifications are boosted through the associativity of CATIA V5.

CATIA - Preparation Prismatic Machinist 2 Configuration (RP2) Product List

  • Real Time Rendering (P1 - P2): RT1 RTR
  • CATIA - Assembly Design (P1): AS1
  • CATIA - Part Design (P1): PD1
  • CATIA - Wireframe & Surface (P1): WS1
  • CATIA - Generative Drafting (P1): GD1
  • CATIA - Interactive Drafting (P1): ID1
  • CATIA - NC Manufacturing Review (P2): NCG
  • CATIA - Prismatic Machining Preparation Assistant (P2): MPA
  • CATIA - Prismatic Machining (P2): PMG
  • CATIA - Object Manager (P2): COM
  • CATIA - CADAM Interface (P1): CC1
  • CATIA - V4 Integration (P2): V4I