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CATIA - ICEM Shape Design Centre & Expert Configuration

Configuration Overview
ICEM Shape Design Centre ISX configuration provides extended surface modeling and analysis. Capabilities provided include global shape mapping and deformation, extensions of base functionality such as Advanced filleting, Global Blending, Sweeping and Global Flange creation, Feature Modeling and specialized functions dedicated to engineering features, Advanced analysis to check Head Impact areas, Gaps, Levels of components.

CATIA ICEM Shape Design Center & Expert Configuration (ISX) Product List

  • CATIA ICEM Shape Design Expert (P2): IEX
  • CATIA ICEM Shape Design Center (P2): ICM
  • CATIA - Object Manager (P2): COM
  • CATIA - STEP Core Interface (P1): ST1
  • CATIA - V4 Integration (P2): V4I
  • CATIA - Generative Shape Design (P1): GS1
  • CATIA - Freestyle Shaper (P2): FSS