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CATIA - Mechanical Engineering Configuration (2)

Configuration overview

This configuration provides in one seat all the necessary tools to perform advanced 3D engineering of parts and assemblies in the context of the full scale digital mock-up, and generation of production drawings. It includes intuitive design stress testing functions thus making available early part pre-validation tools to all designers. As a CATIA P2 configuration, this solution offers advanced 3D oriented productivity features, such as fly-through navigation and advanced specification graph display and manipulation. Customer benefit from a high productivity solution which is natively interoperable with other CATIA Version 5 sets of solutions and which offers integration tools for compatibility with CATIA Version 4 and data interfaces to most frequently used industry standards, which make it a configuration of choice for existing Version 4 customers.
As a CATIA P2 configuration, customers benefit from a seat definition which can be easily and seamlessly upgraded by adding shape design capabilities, thus allowing to design parts of greater complexity with hybrid modeling methodologies.

CATIA - Mechanical Engineering 2 Configuration (ME2) Product List

  • CATIA - Knowledge Expert (P1): KE1
  • Real Time Rendering (P1 - P2): RT1 RT1
  • CATIA - Assembly Design (P2): ASD
  • Generative Part Structural Analysis (P2): GPS
  • CATIA - Part Design (P2): PDG
  • CATIA - Generative Drafting (P2): GDR
  • CATIA - Interactive Drafting (P1): ID1
  • CATIA - Object Manager (P2): COM
  • CATIA - CADAM Interface (P1): CC1
  • CATIA - V4 Integration (P2): V4I
  • CATIA - Generative Shape Design (P1): GS1