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CATIA - Mechanical Engineering Configuration (1)

Configuration Overview

Provides the tools needed to engineer 3d parts and assemblies and generate production drawings. Intuitive stress testing functions make early part pre-validation tools available to all designers. in addition, it includes integrated real-time rendering capabilities and data interfaces to the most common industry standards, including cadam drawings.

CATIA- Mechanical Engineering 1 Configuration (me1) Product List

  • Real time rendering (p1 - p2): rt1 rt1
  • Generative part structural analysis (p1): gp1
  • CATIA - Assembly design (p1): as1
  • CATIA - Part design (p1): pd1
  • CATIA - Wireframe & surface (p1): ws1
  • CATIA - Generative drafting (p1): gd1
  • CATIA - Interactive drafting (p1): id1
  • CATIA - Object manager (p1): co1
  • CATIA - Cadam interface (p1): cc1
  • CATIA - Iges interface (p1): ig1
  • CATIA - V4 integration (p1): v41