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CATIA - Core & Cavity Design Configuration

Configuration overview

This configuration provides in one seat all the necessary tools needed to address each step of the Mold process. As a matter of fact, the mold maker will usually have to import some surfaces, to prepare Parts for V5 modeling, then to prepare Part for moldability and get splitting surfaces. This configuration also offers some basic wireframe and surfaces features to optimize surfaces geometry and improve global manufacturability. This solution is easy-to-use, fully integrated and highly automated to meet your requirements. The CV2 configuration brings solid, drafting, knowledge, and simulation capabilities.</td>

CATIA - Core & Cavity Design 2 Configuration (CV2) Product List:

  • CATIA - Knowledge Expert (P1)
  • Real Time Rendering (P1 - P2)
  • CATIA - Assembly Design (P1)
  • CATIA - Part Design (P1)
  • CATIA - Generative Drafting (P2)
  • CATIA - Interactive Drafting (P1)
  • CATIA - Core &amp; Cavity Design (P2)
  • CATIA - Healing Assistant (P1)
  • CATIA - Object Manager (P2)
  • CATIA - STEP Core Interface (P1)
  • CATIA - V4 Integration (P2)
  • CATIA - Generative Shape Design (P1)