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CATIA - 3D Insight Configuration

Configuration overview

The 3D Insight product has been developed to comply with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification policies which require there be only one model and one modifier, a primary engineer, during the entire development, deployment, manufacturing and management lifecycle.

3D Insight is especially dedicated to collaborators who need to access and use the 3D product definition. It provides review capabilities (including 3D tolerancing and annotations) and allows users to perform a precise analysis of the geometric product definition. 3D Insight does not allow users to save or export the created/modified data in order to prevent any changes of the 3D product definition.

3D Insight allows exact sectioning, exact measurement, sketch examination, construction and additional geometry creation for analysis, 3D Functional Tolerancing & Annotation (FTA) and 2D Layout for 3D Design (LO1) data review mark-up. It disallows the user to save the created data or to export it. Users can perform geometric analysis of the product within the manufacturing/assembly/inspection tooling context.

CATIA - 3D Insight (I3D) Product List

CATIA - 3D Insight (P2):I3P