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CATIA - Automotive Body-In-White Design Configuration

Configuration Overview
This configuration provides in one seat all the necessary tools to perform advanced and specific 3D design of body-in-white elements used in the automotive industry. It provides the user with a full portfolio of productive and innovative design and drafting solutions, including applications concerning shape design, image rendering and interfaces. It also gives the user an end-to-end solution to address the complex design of productive Body-In-White parts, and achieves ready-to-manufacture digital mock-ups that benefit from the advanced knowledge of CATIA V5 and its integration with CATIA V4. Using AB3 provides the user with intuitive tools to create and manage spot-like fasteners. The user can switch from a 3D point-shape definition to a 3D hemispherical-shape specification if needed. In addition to placing the fasteners, reports can be issued from the application in order to list fastener location coordinates and the properties of joined parts. The framework of this solution relies on the P3 platform providing overwhelming Product and Process integration expertise, with processes focused on automotive Body-In-White fastening.

CATIA - Automotive Body-In-White Design 3 Configuration (AB3) Product List

  • CATIA - Knowledge Expert (P1): KE1
  • CATIA - Automotive Body-In-White Fastening (P3): ABF
  • Real Time Rendering (P1 - P2): RT1 RTR
  • CATIA - Assembly Design (P2): ASD
  • CATIA - Part Design (P2): PDG
  • CATIA - Generative Drafting (P2): GDR
  • CATIA - Interactive Drafting (P1): ID1
  • CATIA - Object Manager (P3): CO3
  • CATIA - CADAM Interface (P1): CC1
  • CATIA - V4 Integration (P2): V4I
  • CATIA - Generative Shape Design (P2): GSD
  • CATIA - Automotive Body In White Templates (P2): ABT