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CATIA Marine

Recognising the unique nature of the marine industry, the Dassault Systèmes Marine Initiative offers a complementary range of products, processes and services to suit companies at all levels of the industry.

Marine Configurations
The CATIA V5 Marine Configurations are pre-defined bundles of licences, tailored to address the range of styling, engineering design and manufacturing tasks undertaken by companies in the industry.  Each configuration, “YP1” to “YP10”, has a clear focus but can be supplemented with additional modules should a customer have a requirement not fully addressed by the standard packages.

YP1  Modelling 1
YP2  Modeling 2
YP3  Initial Design
YP4  Metallic Vessel General Engineering
YP4-1  General Engineering -Routing Option
YP4-2  General Engineering - Structure Option
YP5  Metallic Structure Design & Manufacturing
YP6 Mould Design & Manufacturing
YP7 System Design & Manufacturing
YP8 General Validation
YP9 Advanced Analysis - Metallic Structure
YP9-1  Advanced Analysis - Composite Structure
YP9-2  Advanced Analysis - Metallic/Composite Structure
YP10  Composite Design & Manufacturing