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User Companion for CATIA V4 Mechanical Design Product

Discover & learn CATIA V4 products with Companion: CATIA Object Manager (COM), Dynamic Sketcher (DYS), 3D Wireframe (WF3), 2D Wireframe & Annotations (DR2), Exact Solids (SOE), Draw Space Integration (DRS), Drafting (DRA).

Product Overview
This product is ideally suited for current owners of the CATIA V4 configuration Solid Based Design or of configuration that include the suite of products covered by SBD. 

Beside many skillets and job aids adapted to the products of this configuration, the M4C provides prepackaged courses: 

  • Courses for new users:
    • Introduction to CATIA
    • Models & Sessions
    • Dynamic Sketcher
    • Solid Design
    • Generative Drafting
  • Updated courses:
    • Solid Design Updates
    • Sketcher Design Updates
    • Drafting Design Updates

Product Highlights

  • This product is ideally suited to learn the CATIA V4 Solid Based Design or SBD configurations capabilities
  • Beside many skillets, job aids, and exercises adapted to the products of this configuration, the CATIA User Companion for V4 Mechanical Design provides prepackaged courses
  • Runs on the same desktop as any other CATIA V5 User Companion