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User Companion for CATIA Structural Analysis

User Companion for CATIA Structural Analysis optimizes mechanical design by learning how to apply Structural Analysis on a single part.

Product Overview
User Companion for CATIA Structural Analysis describes Structural Analysis tools using the finite elements method. It allows users to implement short loop analysis inside of the design process. After an introduction to the Generative Part Structural Analysis workbench, the Companion course explains, in a pre-processing lesson, the first steps of CAD preparation including how to mesh a part, define properties and apply loads and constraints.

The computation lesson explains how to run analyses and store them. The last lesson covers the post-processing phase describing the different tools used to display results such as image generation and video report publishing. It also includes adaptative methodology for accuracy improvement. CATIA User Companion for Structural Analysis presents the easiest and most efficient method for all users of CATIA Generative Part Structural Analysis 1 & 2 products.

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • User Companion for CATIA Structural Analysis teaches a detailed methodology to optimize structural analysis implementation in the design process.
  • 2 master exercises allow the user to practice on 2 analysis case studies: a static analysis and a frequency analysis.
  • As an Electronic Performance System Support, User Companion for CATIA Structural Analysis is the everyday companion for analysis implementation.