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CATIA - Part Design Feature Recognition

Recognize Part Design features of an Isolated B-Rep

Product Overview
CATIA - Part Design Feature Recognition CATIA - Part Design Feature Recognition 1 (FR1) is intended to recognize Part Design feature from an Isolated B-Rep. This product is used to retrieve a comprehensive CATIA data structure (Product Structure) from an Isolated B-Rep Part. The user imports a part and can recover elementary Part Design features. 

CATIA - Part Design Feature Recognition 1 (FR1) is used to allow better downstream applications integration, to improve Part simplification for tool definition and flexible local design.

Product Highlights

  • Offers advanced tools for Post-Modification on isolated solids coming from external systems or standard formats
  • Recreates Part design features from a Global recognition tool that analyses the whole isolated solid
  • Recreates Part design features based upon faces selection for a precise and efficient local recognition