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Infrastructure Solutions

CATIA V5 provides a fully scalable platform for collaborative product creation and product data management. V5 breakthrough architecture delivers advanced design control for state-of-the-art engineering. Domain Objective Based on breath-taking technology and open to industry standards, CATIA V5 Infrastructure provides a uniquely scalable and open platform for collaborative product development.

Infrastructure Domain Overview

  • Next generation platform for PLM... based on a unified Object Implementation, OLE, JAVA, CORBA and new best-in-class geometric modeler, CATIA V5 Infrastructure provides a fun-to-use graphical interface and core services for data management and visualization. The CATIA V5 architecture promotes product morphing through specification-driven modeling, generative applications and controlled associativity for quality and productivity in engineering change management
  • Built-in knowledge based engineering providing the ability to capture and reuse know-how across all CATIA products. It is also the entry point for more advanced knowledgeware tools (Advisor, Expert, Optimizer )
  • Natively scalable solution... from the P1 entry platform to P3 s highly specialized applications, customers can share data and design processes thanks to a common architecture. Companies having selected the P1 platform of CATIA Version 5, are able to move up to more powerful P2 applications and embrace a larger scope of processes as their business needs grow. Both UNIX and Windows operating systems are concurrently supported.
  • Natural path from CATIA V4 to CATIA V5... enabling smooth transition to increase productivity and protect investment. Beyond the best of CATIA Version 4 Technologies brought forward in the new generation product line, CATIA - V4 Integration 2 (V4I), offers numerous integration features which make seamless hybrid installations possible, combining both CATIA Version 4 and CATIA Version 5 applications, while taking advantage of data compatibility between the two product lines.
  • Collaborative environment ... offering interfaces with most CAD systems, to optimize communication throughout the supply chain. Standard formats supported include IGES (2D/3D), STEP, DXF as well as direct interfaces with StrimStyler, Solidworks, CADAM, and other CAD systems...
  • Integrated solution for Product Data Management ...When collaborating with a subcontractor, an OEM must maintain the integrity of his ENOVIA database when exchanging CAD and PDM information. CATIA - ENOVIA Work Exchange Package 2 - (EWE) supports the ability to Export and Import CATIA V5 product data across the OEM and subcontractor sites while maintaining the original database relationships. This allows the subcontractor to use the exported data when it is disconnected from the OEM s ENOVIA database, providing supply chain flexibility while ensuring data integrity. The CATIA V5 Infrastructure also provides for interconnection with an external PDM through its PPR XPDM Gateway 1 (PX1), allowing product life cycle data to be managed and synchronized with the customer s existing data management tools.

Infrastructure Product List

These products are available in several platform levels     P1        P2        P3    
CATIA - Extended STEP Interface     SXT    
Digital Product Rights Manager     RM1    
CATIA - Product Data Filtering     DF1    
MultiCAx Products     DAL    
CATIA - Object Manager     CO1     COM     CO3
CATIA - COM 1 TO 2 EXTENSION     C12    
CATIA - CADAM Interface     CC1    
CATIA - STEP Core Interface     ST1    
CATIA - STRIM/STYLER to CATIA Interface       STC  
CATIA - ICEM Surf TO CATIA Interface       ICC
CATIA - V4 Integration     V41     V4I  
CATIA - Instant Collaborative Design     CD1    
CATIA - ENOVIAvpm Supply Chain Engineering Exchange     EW1     EWE  
MULTICAx Products     DGL