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What's New In CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE R2017x?

CATIA R2017x delivers new roles, an enhanced user experience, and deep functional enrichment for Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Release Highlights

  • Visual Excellence: Major enhancements to real-time visualisation allow designers to work in a stunningly realistic environment, even on the largest assemblies.
  • Magic User Experience: CATIA's intuitive interface has been extended to allow users to flexibly manage their environment. Updates include "Frame and widget" manipulation to tile, layout and switch between windows.
  • Offline Mode: Users can now work offline and then later re-connect to re-synchronise.

For Designers

  • Virtual Immersive Reality: With the support of the HTC Vive Head Mounted Display, VR is available in CATIA for everyone. Users can have a truly immersive experience and natural navigation enhances spacial understanding of product design for faster and more accurate design decisions.
  • 3D Design from Photos: The CATIA Photo-to-Shape app quickly creates real 3D models from a selection of 2D digital photos, allowing models to be futher refined, detailed and modified. Designers can now rapidly compare, re-build, re-style and get inspired by existing objects.


For Engineers

  • Design in the New World of Making: Non-specialists can automatically generate optimized conceptual parts at the push of a button from a functional specification. The designer can then vary the specification to quickly create multiple concepts for comparison.   Now you can create organic shapes that could not be imagined using a conventional design approach, while respecting the designer’s specification and dramatically reducing weight.  It frees the designer to take advantage of the flexibility of additive manufacturing, or of more traditional manufacturing processes.


For Systems Engineers

  • Enriched Modelica Libraries: Four new model libraries, based on the Modelica standard, are added to CATIA, improving product design and accelerating time-to-market by providing a comprehensive set of libraries for the study of Electrified Powertrains, Brushless DC Motors, Cooling Systems, and H.V.A.C.