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Transportation & Mobility Solutions

OEMs and suppliers alike need to deliver cutting edge innovation while carefully managing cost and targeting zero defects. At the same time, consumers want attractive and user-friendly vehicles that also incorporate advanced safety features. For many automotive companies, PLM represents the means to bringing this all together in a user friendly, efficient and secure manner.

With Dassault Systèmes tailored 3DEXPERIENCE Industry Solutions, companies within the Transportation & Mobility sector are able to embrace these changes. For decades, market-leading applications have been used for immersive product design and manufacturing. Today Dassault Systèmes are extending this scope and leveraging 3D universes to build new social experiences related to mobility.

The Business Challenges

transportation & mobility: demand & regulation

Demand & Regulation

Serving global markets characterised by increasing regulation and demanding customers.

transportation & mobility: target zero defects

Target Zero Defects

Deliver aesthetics and cutting edge innovation while carefully managing cost and targeting zero defects.

transportation & mobility: changing buyer behaviours

Changing Buyer Behaviour

Beyond aesthetic and technology, buyers now make their decisions in a more social and emotional context.

Aerospace & Defence: Evolving Workforce

The Social Experience

Product innovation alone is no longer enough to establish a lasting competitive advantage.


The Solutions

Bid to Win

Enables your teams with the industry-proven tools and processes to analyse opportunities, win optimal new business, then design, engineer, simulate, manufacture, and deliver on target to your customer's satisfaction. Discover the values of the Bid to Win solution:

  • Enhance your bidding process - accelerate, improve profitable bid/win ratio
  • Implement governance to integrate distributed programs for global synergies
  • Synchronize and enhance multi-disciplinary engineering collaboration
  • Transform engineering process with holistic system engineering development and performance

Download the Bid to Win Brochure

Electro-Mobility Accelerator

Provide the industry-proven capabilities to germinate new EV vehicle ideas, explore regional options, virtually simulate & validate performance, and ensure flexible, lean manufacturing, all on one secure, powerful platform. Discover the values of Electro-Mobility Accelerator:

  • Provides an all-in-one collaborative cloud (or on premises) environment to imagine, create, design, simulate and deliver new mobility concepts and services
  • Track ideas from initial concept to customer delivery, with integrated governance to improve productivity, and reduce development costs
  • Imagine more new innovative vehicle concepts, and validate feasibility faster
  • Deliver robust innovation with proven end-to-end engineering & manufacturing solutions to shorten time-to-market

Download the Electro-Mobility Accelerator Brochure

transportation & mobility: electro mobility accelerator

Target Zero Defect

Streamlines design-to-delivery collaboration, enables cost-saving early validation, and supports right-the-first-time results. Discover the values of the Target Zero Defect solution:

  • Reduce repetitive tasks to focus on digital sculpting & surface optimisation
  • Accelerate vehicle concepts to optimal, right-the-first-time results
  • Comprehensive solution for "design anywhere, produce everywhere" body engineering & manufacturing
  • Enhance vehicle performance, reduce weight and minimize fuel consumption
  • Support innovative powertrain development - maximizing performance while minimizing emissions
  • Provide integrated virtual assembly simulation, preventing errors and saving costs

Download the Target Zero Defect Brochure

Smart, Safe & Connected

Accelerate product innovation to market, fortify your ability to manage complex systems, and provide an integrated platform for mechanical, electronics, software and simulation. Discover the values of the Smart, Safe & Connected solution:

  • Systems Definition and Performance Validation
  • Embedded Electronic Architecture
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Integration, Test and Validation
  • Functional Safety Delivery (ISO26262) 

Download the Smart, Safe & Connected Brochure

transportation & mobility: smart, safe & connected

transportation & mobility: innovation on track

Innovation on Track

Provides your teams with the sophisticated capabilities, railway industry-proven tools, and integrated processes to pursue new complex opportunities and ensure profitable, on-target delivery. Discover the values of the Innovation on Track solution:

  • Improve preliminary design/development
  • Implement an integrated governance solution
  • Transform engineering processes with systems engineering
  • Enhance other domains with multi-disciplinary engineering

Download the Innovation on Track Brochure

Modular, Glocal & Secure

Provides an integrated, multi-discipline development platform to both accelerate global, modular vehicle programs and respond to strategic regional requirements. Discover the values of the Modular, Glocal & Secure solution:

  • Maximize asset re-use by leveraging a modular architecture for products (engineering, marketing) & processes (manufacturing)
  • Minimize cost of variants by managing configuration and measuring KPIs anytime along the product creation process
  • Reduce time-to-market and error-rates by integrating global teams on a single source of truth with efficient Program Management
  • Capture technical requirements from marketing analysis and Ideation process
  • Develop and manage your BOM-based modular approach, supporting Digital Mock-up review processes, and MBOM for manufacturing assembly processes

Download the Modular, Glocal & Secure Brochure

transportation & mobility: modular, glocal & secure


Why Choose Intrinsys?

With Intrinsys’ roots within mainstream automotive and the highest echelons of auto sport, the automotive arena continues to be a significant area of expertise for Intrinsys as they support leading OEM’s and Tier 1 companies in their use and development of world leading PLM systems.  

Built on customer referral, Intrinsys are an engineering company who work hard for their customers, offering a refreshing opportunity to find out how PLM can work for the automotive industry. 


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