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Aerospace & Defence Solutions

Aerospace is probably the first and most significant industry that embraced and developed PLM. Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform solutions are tailored exclusively for Aerospace & Defence. Break down the traditional barriers between teams, divisions, partners, suppliers and customers to enable collaboration for creating truly innovative products.

PLM equips individuals with the technology to define, communicate, collaborate, and predict how designs will perform so they can be optimised before they are built.

The Business Challenges

Industrial Equipment: Develop & Deliver Faster

Record Setting Production

Manage the record setting production levels from CONCEPT to RECYCLING, with growing demand in the market.

Industrial Equipment: Offer More Diversity & Emotion

Growing Complexity

Integrate new technologies into a system of systems to ensure increased inter-operability, safety & profitability.

Aerospace & Defence: Evolving Workforce

Evolving Workforce

Facilitate knowledge transfer and intellectual property protection as companies redefine their workforce.

Aerospace & Defence: Flat Budgets

Innovate with Flat Budgets

Drive down costs to innovate, build & operate, to compete with new entrants & technologies in the market.


The Solutions

Aerospace & Defence: Engineered to Fly

Engineered to Fly →

Integrate engineering processes from the proposal phase downstream through engineering, manufacturing, and all the way to delivery. Discover the values of the Engineered to Fly solution:

  • Driven and controlled execution for secure intellectual property (IP) while collaborating with multiple original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Enhanced operational efficiency leveraging real-time project execution, predefined templates and automated processes
  • Digital continuity optimised with dedicated solutions for each major design class, covering processes from design engineering to manufacturing and production

Download the Engineered to Fly Brochure

Test to Perform

Earlier and better testing provides significant benefits for programs. Avoiding late discoveries of flaws or failures in aerospace systems and vehicles preserves brand image, avoids cost overruns and missed delivery dates. Discover the values of Test to Perform:

  • Meet entry into service (EIS) targets with global Virtual and Physical Test monitoring
  • Mitigate risks to ensure safety and maintain brand image using more Virtual Tests prior to Physical Tests
  • Improve product robustness and accelerate design maturity with live, multi-disciplinary simulations
  • Use Test “Cockpit” to support lean test governance for scheduling and monitoring results to performance targets
  • Test with the right quality and fidelity through the entire test pyramid

Download the Test to Perform Brochure

Aerospace & Defence: Test to Perform

Aerospace & Defence: Winning Program

Winning Program

Ensuring your company can execute upon the commitments made in your plan begins with analysing sufficient alternatives to have confidence in your offer or proposals’ fidelity and accuracy. Discover the values of the Winning Program solution:

  • Win more business in competitive markets
  • Improve program definition and delivery to improve capability vs. cost trade-offs
  • Simplify the management of program and system complexity
  • Communicate the complexity and nature of the concept
  • Transform requirements into alternative solutions
  • Explore best alternative design

Download the Winning Program Brochure

Co-Design to Target

Drive program execution to cost, schedule and specification to earn a competitive edge. Discover the values of the Co-Design to Target solution:

  • Proven, integrated program management keeps programs on-specification, on-budget and on-schedule
  • Accelerate product architecture optimisation in preliminary design with functional mock up
  • Greener, Lighter, Stronger, Cheaper airframe with optimised value streams
  • Reliable, optimised system network installation
  • Live, multi-disciplinary simulations for execution to performance targets

Download the Co-Design to Target Brochure

Aerospace & Defence: Co-Design to Target


Why Choose Intrinsys?

Aerospace continues to be a strong market area for Intrinsys as they support leading OEMs and Tier 1 companies in their use and development of PLM. With a long and prestigious history of exploiting the benefits of PLM in their own engineering consultancy, Intrinsys are ideally placed to understand and support the most advanced users in their own engineering environments.

Intrinsys are not only experienced in developing and supporting the PLM systems within leading aerospace companies, we are also able to offer engineering services to provide engineering design and analysis outsource.

Built on customer referral, Intrinsys are an engineering company who work hard for their customers, offering a refreshing opportunity to find out how PLM can work for the aerospace industry. 


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