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V6 for Academia - Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering extends the Essentials Package and offers complete advanced capabilities for systems engineering. It groups a rich set of functions essential for concurrently designing and simulating various types of objects using models that optimise their geometry and their function. Indispensable to modelling modern electromechanical systems, simulating their behaviour, and optimising smart products. Systems Engineering comes with numerous libraries describing the physics of diverse technologies and phenomena. Open to other simulation systems, it provides a comprehensive multiphysics design, simulation, and optimisation framework for any mechatronic or systems engineering course. Real electromechanical systems, whether programmable or not, can be completely virtualised, connected, and controlled using the solution, reflecting software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop methodologies.

These characteristics open the immense field of virtual labs, tele-operated learning devices, and “flip lab” practices.

Prerequisites: Essentials

CATIA Systems delivers complete solutions to simulate systems:

  • Integrates world class DYMOLA behaviour modelling technology
  • Create models of electro-mechanical systems, simulate their dynamic behaviour
  • 3D Architecture of Logical Systems
  • Hybrid mechatronic simulation
  • Full traceability with native PLM integration
  • Open to different simulation environments through standard interface
  • Export to popular dynamic systems simulation software
  • Predefined libraries of specialised behaviours for modelling and simulating complex interdisciplinary systems
  • Export models to perform ‘Hardware in the Loop’ simulations
  • Generate source code from systems behaviour models to validate them on hardware platforms
  • Optimise system behaviours