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V6 for Academia - PLM Discover

PLM Discover is a single integrated software package combining many capabilities: design software (CAD), market-leading manufacturing (CAM) and robot programming tools, easy-to-use structural analysis (CAE) and collaborative product data management (PDM) in a fully integrated package.

In V6, CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA and ENOVIA combined are as affordable as the most popular CATIA V5 educational package.

CATIA for Integrated Product Design

  • 3D surface, feature based & solid modeling, 2D drawing, easy assembly modeling, powerful kinematics simulation & space analysis
  • Easy capture and replay of design rules, replay of self designed applications
  • Functional & sheet metal modeling functions for rapid design of own on-demand parts
  • Intuitive industrial design tools for teaching how to bring emotional appeal into product engineering
  • Quick and easy direct modeling PLM Discover Master & Advance Beyond PLM

SIMULIA for Realistic Simulation

  • Popular SIMULIA structural analysis including world class ABAQUS technology
  • Part validation for non-specialists
  • Automated mesh
  • Validate a part required for student projects or experimental devices

DELMIA for Digital Manufacturing

  • Market-leading manufacturing functions
  • Machine simulation, lathe and milling NC programming
  • Game-like assembly planning, robotic programming
  • Native product & process integration for inter-disciplinary courses

ENOVIA for Collaborative Innovation

  • Controlled collaborative environment for classrooms, dispersed students or partners
  • Teaching actual collaborative industry methods for global collective innovation
  • Optimizing educational processes: teach, learn anywhere
  • Assembling, modularizing, reusing course material
  • Attributing content to respective authors in team projects
  • Remotely managing theses and reports with rich 3D content
  • Co-designing, remote coaching