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V6 for Academia - Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing and Production extends the Essentials Package to digital manufacturing for Industrial or Manufacturing engineering programs. This extended set of functions enables the design, simulation, automation, and control of sophisticated part production as well as assembly-level production. From off-line robots programming to producing ergonomic operator’s instructions, from optimizing automated production cells to balancing complete lines, Manufacturing and Production provides students with an ideal environment to experience methods practiced and required by various industries operating small facilities to large multi-plant production.

Prerequisites: Essentials

DELMIA for digital manufacturing:

  • Create virtual mechanical devices for use in downstream planning and simulation
  • Create virtual NC machines, accessories and controllers
  • Advanced layout capabilities for manufacturing planning
  • Welding robot management
  • Ergonomic task definition, analysis and evaluation
  • Extended multi-axis milling machining definition and simulation
  • 3D virtual commissioning of control logic
  • Create virtual devices for use in control engineering
  • Process planning capabilities for various manufacturing industries
  • Assign defined processes and their associated parts to a manufacturing resource
  • Perform product assembly feasibility studies through simulation
  • Immersive environment to detail and document any process
  • Dynamic evaluation and improvement of manufacturing systems and material flow