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V6 for Academia - Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering extends the Essentials Package and creates a complete advanced environment for design and engineering of products and manufacturing resources. It groups capabilities to automate the modelling of parts that will be produced using specific manufacturing processes, such as sheet metal, composite, and molding or routed systems made of pipes, tubes, and wires. The solution also automates the associative design of tooling which is required to actually produce such parts and systems.

Prerequisites: Essentials

CATIA Design delivers complete solutions for designers:

  • Advanced style & concept modelling
  • Reverse engineering
  • 3D functional tolerancing
  • Automated manufacturing features for plastic & fabricated parts
  • Structure Design (e.g. shipbuilding) Piping, tubing
  • Composite design
  • Intuitive, no-coding creation of applications for customized teaching
  • Class A surfacing including world class ICEM technology
  • Manufacturing preparation for cast and forged parts
  • Body in white, jigs and tooling
  • Composite manufacture
  • Generative piping and tubing
  • Electrical design, generative electrical design
  • Electrical harness design
  • Electro-mechanical circuit board


  • Non-linear static stress simulation of assemblies
  • Thermal simulation of components