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V6 for Academia - CATIA Systems Master

With CATIA Systems Master, the RFLP approach (Requirements, Functional, Logical and Physical Design) upholds a full traceability during product development and product introduction. Different disciplines like mechanics, electronics or hydraulics can use the open Modelica modeling language in order to simulate the system or sub-systems. The availability of ready-to-use model libraries and the structure based on components, including 3D and their behavior, increases development speed and quality. On the other hand, state logic behaviors can be described for controllers with code generation capabilities. V6 virtual execution platform enables to execute and analyze system models, mixing dynamic and state logic behaviors. Controlling the parameters and performing 3D motion of components early in the process reduces the need for physical prototype.

Prerequisites: PLM Discover

CATIA Systems Master delivers complete solutions to simulate systems

  • Dynamic behavior of global and complex systems
  • Full R-F-L traceability with native PLM integration
  • Support hybrid simulation
  • Formal System Behavior Modeling and Execution
  • Embed any behavioral model (S/W, legacy)
  • Allows designers or architects to build models of complex systems in order to study and simulate their dynamic behavior
  • Availability of ready-to-use model libraries
  • DMU