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3DVIA Composer Portfolio

3DVIA Composer
3DVIA Composer is a desktop application for revolutionising the creation of product deliverables. 3DVIA Composer does not require CAD knowledge or training, and can easily be used by non-technical users. Animations, including kinematics and reverse-kinematics, as well as high-resolution image outputs such as SVG and CGM files, can be created easily. Producing 2D line art is quick and easy with 3DVIA Composer’s built-in technical illustration capabilities. 

3DVIA Composer Player
3DVIA Composer Player is a free utility, allowing content creators to distribute 3DVIA Composer content to any end user with the same high performance as 3DVIA Composer. Much more than a simple viewer, 3DVIA Composer Player offers content consumers a highly interactive experience with product deliverables.
Download 3DVIA Composer Player now | Instructions for 3DVIA Composer Player.

3DVIA Composer Player Pro
3DVIA Composer Player Pro provides a very powerful advanced Applications Programming Interface (API). Offering the ability to query, manipulate, interact, and display in real time, 3DVIA Composer content can be integrated with data originating from external sources. This enables the development of 3D interactive custom applications, creating lifelike experiences anywhere the 3DVIA Composer Player.

3DVIA Sync & Enterprise Sync
3DVIA Sync and 3DVIA Enterprise Sync deliver sophisticated, XML-based associativity between 3DVIA Composer and any number of enterprise systems. With 3DVIA Sync, changes in metadata, geometry, BOMs, or manufacturing information can be updated on the desktop in 3DVIA Composer, guaranteeing accurate and consistent information.

3DVIA Enterprise Sync offers all of the capabilities of 3DVIA Sync plus the ability to control the processes through a command-line interface, allowing sophisticated integrations to be implemented very quickly.

3DVIA Check & Path Planning
3DVIA Check and Path Planning make product deliverables more useful by validating that the procedures can actually be performed in the real world. 3DVIA Check offers dynamic and static clash detection, allowing users to quickly qualify service and assembly procedures.

3DVIA Path Planning delivers the ability to automatically create assembly and removal paths for parts and sub-assemblies to avoid collisions with the rest of the assembly.  The product allows users to plan and guarantee the ability to access components within the assembly for service.