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How 3DVIA Composer Works

3DVIA Composer Importers allow all major native CAD file formats to be read and converted into 3DVIA Composer internal format: memo3D. This is done on a standard PC and does not require access to the original CAD software or to special workstations. 3DVIA Composer Importers are fully automatic and do not require any CAD expertise to operate them.

The various sections of the model, such as geometry, product assembly structure, properties and more, are stored with a very high compression ratio for use by the 3DVIA Composer system. Geometry is stored with a high degree of accuracy.

3DVIA Composer is a product designed to release your product information from the design office to the rest of your organisation. Access to this information will allow you to compress your product time-to -market and improve in-service support.

3DVIA Composer makes creating deliverables for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, .pdf or HTML easy.