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The 3DEXPERIENCE Process Portfolio

The 3DEXPERIENCE Process Portfolio expands capabilities already available on the V6 architecture and unifies the user experience for all Processes and Industries. 

An intuitive single, compass-like interface provides easy-to-use navigation, search, and collaboration in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform environment, making it inclusive for all disciplines in the company – engineering, manufacturing, simulation, sales, marketing, finance, procurement, and management.

3DEXPERIENCE Processes Available On Premise and On Cloud:

  • Styling: Industrial design, Class-A, Advanced surface modelling
  • Systems Engineering: Mastering the multi-disciplinary systems development process
  • Mechanical Engineering: Opening a new field for mechanical engineers
  • Multi-discipline Engineering: Optimising end-to-end design to manufacturing process
  • Electrical & Fluid Engineering: The route to success
  • Design & Reuse Engineering Intent: Create templates and rules and optimise product designs
  • Multiphysics Simulation: Complete suite of features for solving multiphysics problems
  • Design Simulation: Helps improve product design and foster collaboration with specialists
  • Assembly Simulation: Creating operations to build the as-planned product and analysing resource requirements
  • Machining: Defining the behaviour of programmable CNC machines
  • Manufacturing Planning: Creating and optimising build-to-order and lean production manufacturing systems
  • Manufacturing Resources: Defining and optimising manufacturing assets concurrently with manufacturing planning
  • Robotics: Performing reachability studies, interlock analysis and offline robot teaching to deliver optimised robotics programs to the shop floor
  • Product Planning, Program and Supplier Management: From capacity maximisation to cycle time optimisation
  • Strategic Customer Relationship Management: From product experience to innovation
  • Global Product Development: From disconnected R&D to global R&D enabling simultaneous launch
  • IP Classification and Protection: Secure framework for global collaboration and IP reuse
  • Lifecycle Application Services: Providing access and universal capabilities for 3DEXPERIENCE users
  • Visualisation, Connectors, Converters and Customisation: Open technology for connectivity, data exchange and application development

3DEXPERIENCE Processes Available On Cloud Only:

  • Conceptual Design: Transforming new ideas into workable concepts

3DEXPERIENCE Processes Available On Premise Only:

  • Simulation Process Management: Automate, re-produce and industrialise simulation methods on every product
  • Ergonomics: Assessing the working conditions, ensuring compliance and verifying assembly across multiple platforms
  • Quality & Compliance Management: Design in quality and compliance