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What's New in 3DEXPERIENCE R2017x?

Learn more about the enhancements:

3DEXPERIENCE R2017x key takeaways:

  • 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Roles: In 3DEXPERIENCE R2017x, the new Business Innovation role (IFW) allows any user involved in the innovation process to benefit from the power of 3DEXPERIENCE at an affordable price on the web on any device, including V5 users, Solidworks Desktop users, other CAD users, business users.
  • New Business Innovation Role (IFW): The standard apps and services in the Business Innovation role include -
    • 3DSwym (social collaboration)
    • 3DDashboard (dashboarding)
    • 3DDrive (file storage and sharing - on cloud only)
    • 3DPlay (immersive 3D visualization apps)
    • 3DPassport (authentication and authorization)
    • 3DCompass (apps store)
    • 3DSearch (semantic search)
    • 6WTags (enhance content with meaningful tags)
    • 3DMessaging (instant messaging)
    • 3DNotifications (real time notifications)
    • 3DComments (social interactions)
  • New App 3DDrive: With the introduction of 3DDrive, a cloud-only service, users securely store their documents on the cloud, access them from any device, visualize them with 3DPlay (including exploring, measuring, etc.), and share documents with co-workers and collaborators across the value chain.
  • Enhanced 3DMessaging on the 3DDashboard: With the enhanced 3DMessaging, any user can instantly engage in 3D collaborative experiences.
  • New 3DNotification: Instant notifications keeps you informed real time about events, which you care about, in the innovation process.