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Business Solutions


    Why metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform?

    Additive Manufacturing is delivering real business benefits as it … more

  • Rapid Part Search

    Rapid Part Search

    Businesses that master their information resource will be more profitable than those that don’t. In an interconnected and more open world, information has very few places to hide. Ask any question … more


  • Product Documentation

    Product Documentation

    Expectation has moved on from the ‘Haines manual’ and the plastic model build instructions. Users expect a lifelike, intuitive 3DEXPERIENCE that’s either interactive or animated. Software once … more


  • Digital Manufacturing Simulation

    Digital Manufacturing Simulation

    As we glue, bolt, screw, weld or even print our products today, the need to deliver manufacturing flexibility whilst minimising cost and improving on KPI’s has never been greater. Delivering a … more


  • Product Data Management

    Product Data Management

    Meeting the need to optimise engineering processes, store, retrieve and share all types of information securely and in a traceable format, the PDM system is the backbone of the modern engineering … more


  • Analysis & Simulation Solutions

    Analysis & Simulation Solutions

    Analysis & Simulation systems are gaining importance as the focus of new product development is driven to reducing cost, reducing weight or increasing duty cycle. Lifelike testing and evaluation of … more


  • 3D Design Modelling

    3D Design Modelling

    To be successful, new products need to be functionally superior, more aesthetically pleasing and more affordable than the competition’s.  Designer branded products also have to meet exacting … more


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