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Design Services

  • Design Services: Automated Intelligent Design (AID)

    Design Services: Automated Intelligent Design (AID)

    Intrinsys recognise the value of Intellectual Property and are committed to developing automated design, analysis & simulation tools for use within its own engineering business.

    Intrinsys can help … more


  • Design Services: Prototype Supply

    Design Services: Prototype Supply

    Intrinsys have an extensive workshop and prototyping facility along with close ties to selected suppliers operating within the Formula 1 motorsport valley. 

    Intrinsys can offer a range of rapid … more


  • Design Services: Supplier Selection

    Design Services: Supplier Selection

    Intrinsys have developed a comprehensive network of proven and trusted suppliers with first-hand experience of off-shore sourcing of components and complete assembled products.  Intrinsys are also … more


  • Design Services: Reliability

    Design Services: Reliability

    A component can only be considered to meet its objectives if it operates successfully across a range of operating conditions.

    Through many years of experience, Intrinsys have developed techniques … more


  • Design Services: Cost Down

    Design Services: Cost Down

    Often a design is manufactured in high volume and making even fractional savings on component costs has a significant benefit. The key to a cost down study is identifying if the cost of a component … more


  • Design Services: Component Testing

    Design Services: Component Testing

    Wherever possible Intrinsys aim to reduce the level of component testing by utilising computer modelling and simulation techniques to provide detailed analysis of a component or assembly, however on … more


  • Design Services: Electronics & Software

    Design Services: Electronics & Software

    Intrinsys boasts a fully integrated electronics team offering a range of bespoke electronic design and development services, supporting feasibility studies, concept demonstrators and manufacturing … more


  • Design Services: Materials & Processes

    Design Services: Materials & Processes

    Making the right selection of material and manufacturing process is instrumental in determining how a design will perform, its durability and its manufacturing cost. Furthermore the selection of … more


  • Design Services: Detail Design

    Design Services: Detail Design

    Once a concept layout has been defined, the most important stage is the development of the detail design. This is where Intrinsys engineers really deliver, refining the detail of the design to match … more


  • Design Services: CAD Design

    Design Services: CAD Design

    3D CAD is the backbone of the engineering design process; it enables the creation of design concepts and forms the basis of information to support manufacture.  It also facilitates communication and … more


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