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Components & Tooling

  • Components & Tooling

    Components & Tooling

    Intrinsys have an intimate understanding of component development and the associated tooling through their experiences within their own successful engineering business. A diverse international … more


  • Components & Tooling: Mould Tooling

    Components & Tooling: Mould Tooling

    Typically the majority of tool design process is carried out using compatible variants of CATIA V5/V6 and the advanced mould manufacturing module to automate and standardise the bolster and mould … more


  • Components & Tooling: Testing & Inspection

    Components & Tooling: Testing & Inspection

    Intrinsys use design, simulation and analysis to create test, jigs and fixtures that confirm predicted operational performance throughout the expected life of the product, where defect prevention is … more


  • Components & Tooling: Jigs & Fixtures

    Components & Tooling: Jigs & Fixtures

    Intrinsys use jigs and fixtures extensively within the development and manufacturing areas of our own engineering business. Typically the jigs & fixtures are used to move and position heavy or … more


  • Components & Tooling: Press Tooling

    Components & Tooling: Press Tooling

    Intrinsys offer an identical service to Mould Tooling with the exception of the specialist knowledge and experience of working within the Press Tooling environment. 

    Producing quality press tools … more


  • Components & Tooling: Cast Tooling

    Components & Tooling: Cast Tooling

    Producing quality casting tools requires detailed knowledge of the variety of casting processes (Pattern Design, Sand Casting, Gravity Die, High Pressure Die Casting and Investment Casting), how to … more


  • Components & Tooling: CNC Machining

    Components & Tooling: CNC Machining

    Many clients experience fluctuating workload demand, often when projects start and finish. Nowhere is this more evident than in CNC programming. 

    In high value, low volume sectors like aerospace, … more


  • Tooling Design

    Tooling Design

    Tooling design is an integral part of today’s manufacturing; get it wrong and quality, production rates and the company reputation suffer.


    The first point of designing any tooling is to … more


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