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Simulation & Analysis

  • Analysis Services: Flow (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

    Analysis Services: Flow (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

    A key area of simulation and analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics includes the elements of thermal simulation and analysis. Gases and liquids form a key area of study within new product development … more


  • Analysis Services: Dynamic Analysis

    Analysis Services: Dynamic Analysis

    Accurately simulating the changes in structural geometry as loads are applied over time helps engineers to fine tune component and assembly design to optimise lifetime performance.

    Crash, impact and … more


  • Analysis Services: Fatigue Analysis

    Analysis Services: Fatigue Analysis

    Material fatigue is a major issue when components are repeatedly loaded and unloaded. Using results from stress and thermal analysis, Intrinsys have the capability to perform detailed fatigue … more


  • Analysis Services: Composite Analysis

    Analysis Services: Composite Analysis

    The composite component promise of superior strength and minimal weight has made the material a very popular choice. From aerospace to running shoes, there are few product groups that do not consider … more


  • Analysis Services: Thermal Analysis

    Analysis Services: Thermal Analysis

    As new products out-perform their predecessors, we are continually requiring components and new materials to function predictably in ever more extreme and physically demanding environments. Aerospace … more


  • Analysis Services: Vibration/Fatigue Analysis

    Analysis Services: Vibration/Fatigue Analysis

    Understanding a component’s assembly or system’s response to vibrations across the spectrum, that may impact strength, durability and lifetime performance can at the very least minimise un-wanted … more


  • Analysis Services: Structural Analysis

    Analysis Services: Structural Analysis

    Intrinsys have developed a robust engagement process for its services that delivers ‘Flexible Resource’ of defined capability, to match your structural analysis requirements and key project … more


  • Simulation & Analysis

    Simulation & Analysis

    Intrinsys consider simulation and analysis to be as integral to their engineering as product design and development. As a result we provide services that deliver the value to our customers that we … more


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