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  • Intrinsys Engineering Services

    Design Services

     Intrinsys offer Engineering Design services that are tailored to our clients, … more

  • Electrical Harness/Cabling “Bespoke Utility Vehicle”

    Electrical Harness/Cabling “Bespoke Utility Vehicle”

    The Project: Optimised Engineering of a Complex Automotive Electrical Cabling System


    Competitive pressures are driving automotive manufacturers to speed up their new model releases, deliver … more


  • Engineering the Idea, Capturing the Spark

    Engineering the Idea, Capturing the Spark

    A truly innovative spark is rare and hard to capture. That one great idea needs to be grabbed, developed and brought to life if it is to survive and flourish.

    At the conceptual phase of new product … more


  • Design Services: Automated Intelligent Design (AID)

    Design Services: Automated Intelligent Design (AID)

    Intrinsys recognise the value of Intellectual Property and are committed to developing automated design, analysis & simulation tools for use within its own engineering business.

    Intrinsys can help … more


  • Patent to Product

    Patent to Product

    It takes more than a great idea to be the next big thing. Intrinsys offer, what we like to call, a Patent to Product service to talented innovators with potentially market changing ideas for new … more


  • Components & Tooling

    Components & Tooling

    Intrinsys have an intimate understanding of component development and the associated tooling through their experiences within their own successful engineering business. A diverse international … more


  • Components & Tooling: Mould Tooling

    Components & Tooling: Mould Tooling

    Typically the majority of tool design process is carried out using compatible variants of CATIA V5/V6 and the advanced mould manufacturing module to automate and standardise the bolster and mould … more


  • Design Services: Prototype Supply

    Design Services: Prototype Supply

    Intrinsys have an extensive workshop and prototyping facility along with close ties to selected suppliers operating within the Formula 1 motorsport valley. 

    Intrinsys can offer a range of rapid … more