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Zuken Announces Interface Solution PDM Adapter

December 19, 2008

Zuken is developing a new and unified intercommunication bridge between Zuken's prime PCB design solution CR-5000 and third-party PDM systems with a new product called Zuken PDM Adapter. This new solution will provide an optimal interface between CR-5000 and third-party enterprise PDM systems, allowing users of CR-5000 to easily handle electrical design and structure data from the enterprise level in their existing PDM system.

This forms part of a strategy by Zuken to extend its product portfolio for the whole product data management area and expanding further Zuken's growing portfolio of PLM ready solutions which includes the proven advanced DS-2 solution for integrated electrical design management. As Zuken's data management solution Zuken PDM Adapter interfaces electrical design data to third-party PDM systems for a whole product structure, and in addition to this, DS-2 offers an option to optimize electrical design process management. Thus, Zuken can provide a total design environment for its customers.

The new Zuken PDM Adapter integrates PCB engineering into the supply chain, enabling the design structure of circuit and PCBs created within CR-5000 to be handled within users' existing company-wide PDM systems for lifecycle management functions such as access control, maintaining and sharing master data among distributed locations. It will also enable the user to add links between CR-5000 electrical design data and other forms of design data in various connectivity stages; for file level data management and to allow the insertion of file level structures with relationships and tool controls. For increased flexibility this adaptable solution will allow users to manipulate with ease electrical design data and associated structures from the enterprise level in third party PDM systems.

The openess of connectivity allows Zuken PDM Adapter to remain neutral and provides non-vender-specific integration capabilities for any PDM system which has an open interface. As a first step in the initial release scheduled for launch during 2009 in Europe and the USA, Zuken PDM Adapter will support SmarTeam and TeamCenter. This will be followed by support for other third-party PDM systems.

The native Application Programming Interface calls inside of Zuken PDM Adapter enables direct data access of raw data from CR-5000 design data files and the PDM system in use, enabling seamless communication between electrical design with CR-5000 and PDM environment.

More detailed information about Zuken PDM Adapter is available from the supporting press pack in Zuken's press room at You can also contact your local Zuken representative to discuss this latest Zuken innovation further.

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