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Sustainable Wind Turbines 3DEXPERIENCE Solution

January 7, 2013

Satisfying demand for wind turbines in current times when wind power is soaring submits places pressure on manufacturers to reduce cost of wind turbines.

Sustainable Wind Turbines 3DEXPERIENCE solution helps you innovate and be cost effective by reducing waste, accelerating time to market and improving quality. If you are a wind turbine equipment supplier or OEM, Sustainable Wind Turbines is for you: end-to-end composite blade solutions, analysis and manufacturing, advanced controls development, and system level logical and physical modeling – all managed within a world class product development and program management environment. In particular, Sustainable Wind Turbines offers an unmatched solution for composites blades – composite blades design, analysis, manufacturing and production quality control.

Dassault Systèmes is a leading provider of composites solutions to the aerospace industry, and is successfully applying this significant expertise to the wind turbine industry. The social dimension of this 3DEXPERIENCE solution will streamline communication and collaboration between all stakeholders, within your company, your suppliers, or your customer base, and drive innovation and competitiveness.