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Nikon Corporation Adopts Dassault Systemes' Version 6 to Drive Designers' Idea-Generation Process

November 20, 2011

Dassault Systemes, today announced that Nikon Corporation, a leading optical equipment manufacturer, has adopted Dassault Systemes' V6 PLM as its collaborative design platform.

Nikon Corporation is expecting CATIA V6 to serve as the idea-generation support solution for its designers and as the driver to further enhance quality through higher design precision. Nikon will utilize the ENOVIA V6 collaborative platform to streamline the data-sharing process, strengthen security and promote more efficient data management.

This new adoption will primarily benefit one of Nikon Corporation's main business arms, Nikon Imaging Company, which will be relying on V6 to facilitate its processes for designing a wide range of products from cameras to optical equipment, such as binoculars and microscopes.

Mr. Ken Moro, Industrial Design Department, and leader of the CATIA V6 project team at Nikon Imaging, said, "Since the implementation of CATIA V5 ten years ago, the efficiency of our design process has improved significantly. This has been possible mainly because our designers were able to create 3D data for digital mockups with greater ease. Taking advantage of the enhanced rendering capabilities of CATIA V6, we intend to further refine our design quality and establish a more creative design process. We also expect CATIA V6 to work as the idea-generation support solution for our designers, helping them smoothly embody and deploy the ideas they have originated."

Nikon's interests in expanding its global business deployment capabilities are also fueling its expectations of V6's distinctive features as a unique, open, collaborative solution. Nikon is looking for leaner operation by minimizing the number of mockup models that actually need to be built, as well as faster decision-making processes across the 27 subsidiaries affiliated with Nikon Imaging.

Tomohiko Suetsugu, managing director, Japan, Dassault Systemes, said, "Nikon Corporation aims at enhancing the creative aspect of its design process by using our V6 solutions to support its designers' idea-generation activity, which forms an essential part of the design process. Dassault Systemes will continue delivering high value solutions that contribute extensively to the improvement of our customers' business processes."