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Intrinsys Present at Afrimold, Johannesburg

April 29, 2013

How to reduce lead-times and improving quality in the design and manufacture of tooling

Gary Longshaw is an experienced senior business development and key account manager, with a career spanning over 25 years in regions as diverse as Africa, Europe, Australasia and the USA. Following military service, Gary's early career began in the construction sector as a site Agent and contracts manager. Through this he gained first-hand experience of the processes required for efficient project execution, and an acute awareness of the challenges faced. Realising that inefficiencies in systems and processes within the industry were endemic and following 4 years study through CIC, he made a move into IT solution implementation for the engineering disciplines. Armed with a thorough understanding of the daily challenges faced by engineers on large complex projects, Gary found himself well placed to advise on, and implement, comprehensive IT solutions for Design, Analysis, detailing, fabrication management and information exchange. Through this process Gary became actively involved with early adopters of emerging collaboration processes within the heavy engineering disciplines, and is a strong advocate for the benefits that efficient data management and cross discipline collaboration can provide.
In the current economy companies are being forced to reduce costs, while at the same time improve product quality, in order to compete with companies based in low wage economies. One way to compete is to have a strategy that incorporates PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and initially focus on working smart, and re-using valuable intellectual property.

Relocating work to a low cost economy can be one answer however retaining the work locally but working in a more intelligent manner can deliver the same results. This presentation looks at one component of the process called knowledge based tooling design and shows how an established business can take the first steps on a process of rapid development of their own PLM system, be more attractive to their customers and achieve greater profitability in the modern global economy.

For some years, Intrinsys have pioneered the application of knowledge based tooling design where the development of a tooling template is created which encompasses intellectual rules and standards. Once created, an engineer can develop new tooling in a fraction of the time because the routine and detailed features of the design can be automatically generated by the template. This mechanism also has the additional benefit of controlling the quality of the design and more importantly, capturing and retaining the intellectual property within the template.

Meet Intrinsys
You can visit Intrinsys and meet Gary in person, at stand G44 during the 3 day Afrimold Show.